Petter Stordalen

Hotel magnate and entrepenour Petter Stordalen started his career as a strawberry vendor, and is now the owner of one of Norway’s biggest hotel chain. Being one of Norway’s richest people is just a bonus.

After being named Norway’s best strawberries producer by Porsgrunn Dagblad, Stordalen decided that he had more ambitions in life than working with shop management from nine to five every day. Already in 1987 was Stordalen employed as Norway’s youngest center manager at City Syd in Trondheim. He was 24 years old at the time. In 1992 he entered as one of “Steen & Strøm’s” owners and served as Deputy Managing Director untill there was a breach of partnership in 1996. Stordalen then bought up Choice Hotels Scandinavia. It started with a hotel, another bankruptcy estate, two employees and a plan to buy a new hotel every second week, as well as to increase the staffing by 50 new employees every tenth day. Three years later, what is now called Nordic Choice hotels have more than 100 hotels and over 5,000 employees.

The way to success is, according to Stordalen, to have a good ability to implement what you are planning. Market position and good strategy are just a small percentage of it. He emphasizes that you need resistance to get where you want, but many give up too fast.

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