Thang Manh Tran

Thang Mahn Tran has served as Chief Product Officer in Vipps for about two years. With a MsC in Electronics and Telecommunication from NTNU, Tran has come a long way. He startet his career by teaching a NTNU, and has since worked for Telenor, NSB, and now DNB. Vipps had an amazing development under Tran’s management, but the competiton is fierce.

Tran has a towering experince when it comes to making apps, and there are always new ways of developing an app. Tran’s visions will set the foundament of how Norway’s digital transactions will work in the future. How far will he take Vipps? How central will the app be in the future? Is it safer than conventional transactions? We will get to know in october.

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