Mette Roald

As the innovasjon director of Tine, Mette Roald will show us how traditional companies, whom we might not think of as innovative, is more innovative as ever. Tine’s ambition is to help form the future, this requires them to be brave and willing to try new ways – also in terms of new ways of working. Its all about challeging the establishment. The local milkman is no more, and dairy production and distribution will be different in the future.

Tine seeks to connect their products and solutions with new technology. Roald is also looking for new fields for Tine to grow in, this requires her to think new. Following trends is also important, this requires Tine to be fast, and to be able to adapt to any koncept. This job requires Mette to think new every day, she will have a lot to offer at Start Forum.

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