October 26th – 27th 2018

Trondheim, Norway

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Add to My Calendar 2018-10-26 10:00:00 2018-10-27 23:00:00 Europe/London Start Forum 2018 Start Forum | The largest innovation conference in Norway run by students. Awesome. huh? Trondheim, Norway Start NTNU fredrik.moger@startntnu.no


Posten ble våren 2018 kåret til Norges 5. mest innovative bedrift. Selv om Posten er 371 år gammel, hindrer det ikke selskapet i å tenke nytt og fremover. Noe av det spennende de jobber med er blant annet selvkjørende pakkeroboter, droner, Narrowband-IoT og AR-teknologi.

Lise Fjell er digital forretningsutvikler i avdelingen Digital Innovasjon i Posten. Hun kommer for å snakke om hvordan Posten jobber med innovasjon, samt hvilke fordeler og utfordringer det er ved å være et stort modent konsern i den sammenheng. Lise gikk ut fra NTNU i 2015 hvor hun studerte Industriell økonomi og teknologiledelse. Hun har jobbet på konsulentsiden med digitalisering før hun kom til Posten, hvor hun nå leder et av Innovasjonsavdelingens spennende prosjekter.

Digital Innovasjon i Posten består av forretningsutviklere, UX-designere, systemarkitekter og utviklere, og tar i mot åpne søknader fra de som er interessert i å jobbe der.

I tillegg tilbyr Posten sommerjobber til studenter. Stillingene skreddersys til kompetansen til studenten.

Eirik Norman Hansen is an expert when it comes to energetic lectures on digitization, artificial intelligence and robot technology. He is the current CEO of ITCH design in Norway and carries a towering experience as a business development, digital strategy, communication and social media consultant.

In recent years, Eirik has been a widely used lecturer and conference speaker where topics on the importance of digital elements are central. What really engages him is the powerfull role digital users have got in recent years and the consequences this has on the businessmodells we use today. Eirik wants to inspire and engage those whom he speaks for.  The digital world, its exciting changes and its impact on people, society and business is his passion. During his lecture at Start Forum Eirik hopes to open peoples eyes to the posibilities of the digital evolution.

As the Global People Movement Lead in Telia, Chris Hovde has made it all the way to the top. He is an entrepenour, blogger, advisor, and even more. Buisnesses have been founded, companies have been led, and as the former New Generation HR Manager in Telia, he is here to make a change. Ambitious, goaldriven, results-oriented, innovative and as a change-oriented leader is how he describes himself. His goal is to make people and robots to fight together for a better society, and we cant wait to see what he brings to Start Forum.

Thomas F. Anglero is the Director of Innovation for IBM Norway, responsible for IBM Watson and innovation. He is an expert in innovation, cultural diversity, and artificial intelligence’s effect on people, society and businesses.  In the first-half of 2017, Thomas key-noted at over 50+ conferences to over 20,000+ people throughout Europe and consulted to executive leader groups and government officials throughout Europe.

Prior to IBM, Thomas was the Director of Innovation for the Norwegian Tax Authorities. He has over 25 years of global IT and telecom executive experience including founding several startups in the US, Norway and Serbia.

Thomas is a dedicated social entrepreneur, holding courses and lectures on passion, leadership and dignity.  In 2008, Thomas was awarded the “Top 10 Most Influential Foreigner” in Norway and remains so today with his contributions, expertise, energy, and ability to communicate complex subjects in a simple way from CEOs and Heads of State to aspiring young leaders.

Sophia is Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot to date. As a cultural icon, she has become a media darling, appearing on major media outlets around the world, igniting the interest of people regardless of age, gender, and culture. She has even graced the cover of one of the worlds the top fashion magazines. Her press coverage had a reach of over ten billion readers in 2017

Sophia is an evolving genius machine. Her incredible human likeness, expressiveness, and remarkable story as an awakening robot over time makes her a fascinating front-page technology story. She has met face-to-face with key decision makers in banking, insurance, auto manufacturing, property development, media, and entertainment. In addition, she has appeared onstage as a panel member and presenter in high-level conferences, covering how robotics and artificial intelligence will become a prevalent part of people’s lives. Her reputation extends beyond business into the global social arena. She was named the world’s first United Nation Innovation Champion by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and will have an official role in working with UNDP to promote sustainable development and safeguard human rights and equality.

Hotel magnate and entrepenour Petter Stordalen started his career as a strawberry vendor, and is now the owner of one of Norway’s biggest hotel chain. Being one of Norway’s richest people is just a bonus.

After being named Norway’s best strawberries producer by Porsgrunn Dagblad, Stordalen decided that he had more ambitions in life than working with shop management from nine to five every day. Already in 1987 was Stordalen employed as Norway’s youngest center manager at City Syd in Trondheim. He was 24 years old at the time. In 1992 he entered as one of “Steen & Strøm’s” owners and served as Deputy Managing Director untill there was a breach of partnership in 1996. Stordalen then bought up Choice Hotels Scandinavia. It started with a hotel, another bankruptcy estate, two employees and a plan to buy a new hotel every second week, as well as to increase the staffing by 50 new employees every tenth day. Three years later, what is now called Nordic Choice hotels have more than 100 hotels and over 5,000 employees.

The way to success is, according to Stordalen, to have a good ability to implement what you are planning. Market position and good strategy are just a small percentage of it. He emphasizes that you need resistance to get where you want, but many give up too fast.

Arne Krokan is a Norwegian professor in «Teknologi, kommunikasjon, organisasjon og ledelse» at NTNU, and is heavily involved in the IT development at the University. Throught the project «Smart learning», Krokan plans to aid the digitalisation of learning at NTNU and the education sector. During fall 2013 he opened Norway’s first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) since one of the subjects he was lecturing in «Teknologiendring og samfunnsutvikling», was offered purely as an online course. This was a perfect opportunity for Krokan to take the subject to the next level. Close to a thousand students followed the course during spring 2014.

Krokans ideas might change the way we learn in the future, and it might be smart to check out his speech if you want to be ahead of this development.

Thang Mahn Tran has served as Chief Product Officer in Vipps for about two years. With a MsC in Electronics and Telecommunication from NTNU, Tran has come a long way. He startet his career by teaching a NTNU, and has since worked for Telenor, NSB, and now DNB. Vipps had an amazing development under Tran’s management, but the competiton is fierce.

Tran has a towering experince when it comes to making apps, and there are always new ways of developing an app. Tran’s visions will set the foundament of how Norway’s digital transactions will work in the future. How far will he take Vipps? How central will the app be in the future? Is it safer than conventional transactions? We will get to know in october.

As the innovasjon director of Tine, Mette Roald will show us how traditional companies, whom we might not think of as innovative, is more innovative as ever. Tine’s ambition is to help form the future, this requires them to be brave and willing to try new ways – also in terms of new ways of working. Its all about challeging the establishment. The local milkman is no more, and dairy production and distribution will be different in the future.

Tine seeks to connect their products and solutions with new technology. Roald is also looking for new fields for Tine to grow in, this requires her to think new. Following trends is also important, this requires Tine to be fast, and to be able to adapt to any koncept. This job requires Mette to think new every day, she will have a lot to offer at Start Forum.

Berit Svendsen startet as a scientist in the Telecommunications Research department after she finished her MsC at NTNU.  Svendsen has been a vital part of Telenors development ever since. During her climb of the company ladder Berit has held the position as both Technology director and head of Telenors research department before reaching the top.

With a scientific background, and years of management experience, it comes only natural to her to find new ways of solving problems. As a member of both DNB, SAS and Bisnodes board, and with her unchalenged knowledge of telecomunication, there is no doubt that she has a lot to offer.



Trøndelagsdagen 2018


Åpning av Start Forum 2018

by Sophia The Robot, Toril Hernes, Ingeborg Øftshus & Brage Mothes - R1


Vipps – Innovation In The Banking Sector

by Thang Manh Tran - R7


IoT – Dataene dine har aldri vært mer verdt

by Erik Slørdal Skjemstad (Atea) - A1


Power Coupling: Thriving innovation through collaboration

by Lily Chen og John Antonio Nilsen (Sopra Steria og Convertelligence) - R7


Radikal innovasjon

by Christoffer Fremstad (Tine) - EL5


How to be seen, build network and get working in Trøndelag

by David Edwin (Study Trondheim/ Nordic Semiconductors) - A1


Construction City

by Benedicte Økland (OBOS) - R7


Utvikling av handleopplevelser for millioner av kunder. Sommerjobb i Lindbak for utviklere og interaksjonsdesignere.

by Trond Klevstuen (Lindbak Retail Systems) - EL5


Fra Idé til flere 10-talls millioner i omsetning

by Didrik Dimmen (Flowmotion) - A1


Teekay Offshore Production, a Global FPSO operator located in Trondheim

by Bernt Lilliestråle (Teekay Petrojarl Production) - EL5


Innovasjon – hva skal til for å lykkes?

by Berit Svendsen - A1


Utfordringer og muligheter ved digital transformasjon

by Arne Krokan (NTNU) - EL5


Askeladdens metode – hvordan endre en bransje

by Lasse Smedvig og Harald Aalvik (Akeladden, Cutters, Adams Matkasse) - A1


Xiaopeng: Turning Location Data into Sustainable Impact. // Ngoc: Digitalisering i praksis – best practices, fallgruver og lærdommer fra The New Generation Telco.

by Xiaopeng Li og Ngoc Nguyen (Telia) - EL5


Build the world you want to live in

by Ingrid Kylstad (Katapult Ocean) - A1


Innovasjon i et stort, modent konsern

by Lise Fjell (Posten) - EL5


SINTEF – Teknologi for et bedre samfunn

by Inge Hovd Gangås (SINTEF)- R7


Trøndelagsdagen – Ferdig


Fuck-up night med Spark NTNU

by Spark NTNU - FRAM


Venture Cup Awards 2018


Dørene åpner

16:15 - 17:00



Åpning av Venture Cup Awards

by Konferansier Vegard Haveland


Live Microchip Implant

by Eirik Norman Hansen (Itch) and Chris Hovde (Telia)



by Thomas Anglero (IBM)





by Steffen Dyre Hansen (The Assessment Company)


Casevinner av Sparebank1 SMN & OBOS

by Eli Arnstad



by August Dahl





by Petter Stordalen


What Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence?

by Sophia the Robot and Vegard Haveland




Venture Cup National Finale





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